IFIC Bank Limited:

IFIC Bank Limited is a first-generation private commercial bank with 74 (seventy four) branches across various regions in Bangladesh.  With its stock listed on both Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges, IFIC Bank Ltd. offers a full range of commercial banking products and services to corporate, middle-market and retail segments.  Being one of the oldest private commercial banks, IFIC Bank has unique insights into the dynamics in the corporate and financial sector.  The Bank strongly believes that the stock market in Bangladesh is entering a secular growth phase and is becoming an attractive destination for both savings and investment capital in Bangladesh.  As a result, IFIC is increasing its presence in the Bangladeshi stock market and has recently started stock trading and brokerage services for its clients.

IFIC Bank is the first first-generation bank to sponsor a mutual fund, believing that IFIC Bank 1st Mutual Fund will play a positive role in developing the Bangladeshi Mutual Fund industry.   With that in mind, IFIC Bank has appointed RACE Management PCL as the Fund Manager.  RACE Management is a next-generation asset management company has successfully launched the EBL First Mutual Fund, the first-ever bank sponsored mutual fund in Bangladesh.